It is a process to structure thoughts with a clear purpose.

Ideas may come from many places, but a clear idea, or a vision, must come from a clear purpose. Thus, the main source of energy for a project of change is not an idea, it is the intention of its leader.

This is the heart of the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK .

It is a process that helps leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers to structure thoughts, develop vision and generate impact with a clear purpose.

It generates the visualization of significant solutions for change, in a quick process to test and share a vision.

It is also very useful for leadership teams that need to bring alignment of visions, act for change and for a greater impact.

The skills developed in the process can be applied in a variety of ways, such as a sprint - a process of rapid prototyping a vision to optimize decision making - or the 2 week 4-level leadership program to visualize results and gain a final vision.

To gain clarity, four levels of development structure the framework process: purpose, vision, meaning and impact.

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Our purpose is a reason already determined by our nature. It is a matter of clearing, rather than finding.

A clear purpose is the visualization of what you can bring as an impact to a context. It is born when you connect to the will to serve your community, the society, or the world. That is why the framework process begins with exercises to elevate context perception.

Purpose Focus on context, perception and appreciation. A situation seen from an elevated state of perception generates appreciation and inspires meaningful thoughts and connections with our will to serve.

Appreciation is the key to a clearer perception. It is a natural ability to recognize, understand and raise the totalvalue of something, someone or a situation. It avoids a one-sided perspective. A consequence of appreciation is the connection with the will to contribute, as it moves our perception and leads us to compassion.

The framework uses reflection questions and exercises to activate appreciation and clear the purpose.


The framework finds in the intention to serve, or, a clear purpose, the main source of energy for a project of change. This is the foundation for developing a vision.

A clear vision creates exceptional solutions, because appreciative perception allows you to clearly see how to reorganize resources to develop potentials and generate change.

Vision - Focus on resources and potential for a greater good. When you can see new ways to reorganize resources to make potentials develop and situations change, your thoughts have come to meaningful solutions.

The framework reconfigures the way we look at resources and potentials in a situation, even in a state of crisis.The change in perspective brings new angles that activate the perception of prosperity, even a crisis situation can improve in relation to the previous state of crisis.


Full understanding of the vision happens only when it is put to test. A test is a minimal viable action in which the leader presents the solution so the vision can be shared and potentially be recognized by the community.

At this level, the potential for integrating resources is enhanced, because a truly shared vision brings results that benefit all involved.

Meaning - Focus on tests and shared values. Testing for inclusion allows allinvolved to share the vision and to integrate values to benefit all.

Sharing a vision, even in an early stage version, can influence the perception of the whole situation as it reveals new possibilities, previously unnoticeable, therefore allowing new possible destinies for the context.


Now, the leader does not walk alone in this change endeavor. The final vision is the result of the shared vision.

At this point, it is possible to consider that the future of the context already reveals another potential result. Thisallows everyone involved to be guided by a vision that catalyzes change and benefits all.

Impact - Impact - Focus on designing the final vision. Unified vision and values allows the final visualization of the impact of an implementation.

The CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK is a process that acts as a vortex of vision. If one reaches the state of clear purpose, one achieves the intention of unity and shares an abundant vision of reconfiguring resources to benefit all.


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Do you want to apply the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK in your business?

We have options for leaders and teams.
Contact us contact@clearpurpose.global