We are a leadership accelerator.

We believe power should be distributed and leadership is inevitable. We believe the direction for change is unity and the future of the economy is circular.

Clear purpose revenue, derived from facilitation and data from this platform, returns to the community through investments we make together in leadership vision implementation. They are based on your trust, support, and interaction with our network of leaders.

Leaders, changemakers and entrepreneurs are sharing their vision development, because their leadership depends on your engagement. From the beginning, we help leaders increase transparency, participation, and support through Visions network.

People engage by interacting and showing leaders support, spreading the word and making more connections. The more you support, the more data we generate, and this becomes money that goes back to your community - because we invest together in the visions that matter to you the most.

Investment criteria and results are public in clear reports.



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How Can Confort Design A Meaningful Routine?
Think about your day.  Now, think about how you feel about your day.  Routine can be considered boring, bad even. But I love them. I do! And I believe they can be comfortable, enjoyable, and nurturing for everyone willing to take a second look. It took me a while to reach this idea, though.  After […]
Marcela De Mingo - 12.06.2020
Who Are the New Leaders that Are Changing the World Right Now
When we talk about leadership, it is common to think about presidents, political leaders, successful entrepreneurs or community representatives. But many of the new leaders who are changing the world with their actions at this very moment have not yet reached adulthood. The following generation has some familiar figures and lesser known names. The oldest […]
Clear Purpose - 16.04.2020
5 Steps to Design Purposeful Leadership
READ IN 5 MINUTES 1. Start with self-leadership Whether within an organization, team or as a self-employed professional, purposeful leadership begins with self-leadership. Self-leadership is the attitude of using one’s conscience to feel how to contribute to a situation, to engage, be useful and offer solutions to the world. When we start with self-leadership, we […]
Clear Purpose - 16.04.2020
3 Big Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Find Purpose
READ IN 4 MINUTES 1. Finding your purpose in your personal interests confuses you even more. This is the main problem when we try to find our purpose. If we focus on our individual interests in this quest, we become blind, insecure and even more confused. This happens because being concerned with self-interests fills us […]
Clear Purpose - 16.04.2020