3 Big Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Find Purpose


1. Finding your purpose in your personal interests confuses you even more.

This is the main problem when we try to find our purpose.

If we focus on our individual interests in this quest, we become blind, insecure and even more confused. This happens because being concerned with self-interests fills us with expectations and plans. To look for a purpose in the mindset of mental strategies is simply looking for a purpose where it is not.

The second part of the confusion occurs because the sense of purpose is not linked to any aspect of individuality. It's actually the the opposite: the sense of purpose links directly to leaving the individuality behind to work for a greater good.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in serving others." - M. Gandhi

When we are useful to others, something greater takes over our feelings and we enter a state flow and surrender. The more people we benefit, the greater this feeling of wonder becomes.

Searching after our personal interests is an obstacle to feeling and finding our purpose.

When we are imagining what we want, we are not observing what people need. We miss the opportunity to act and be relevant at every moment. This happens anytime we exchange being ready and useful for being imaginative.

When we are open and available, we attend the opportunity that presents itself and this activates creativity and collaboration - that something greater. Instead of expectation, we use what is available in favor of what is necessary - the flow. We take the role of serving to connect with our intuition, follow its guidance and feel more significant - we surrender.

The encounter with purpose comes as a consequence.

2. To think that each one of us has a different purpose and that you still haven't found yours.

Our purpose already exists. It comes from our nature and is one for all of us.

Activating it in different settings, professions, sectors can give the false impression that someone has found its purpose in a specific thing, and that finding specific things is necessary to have a sense of purpose. Like a treasure hunt.

Sense of purpose is sense of purpose. Purpose is not a goal, a project, a gift, a talent or a vocation. Purpose is purpose.

Purpose is function. We were not made, by nature, with different functions. We all carry the same one: doing good for others and working for a better world.

It is easy to recognize that when we act with those objectives in mind, - or when we perceive someone doing it - because we feel emotional, meaningful and grateful. We feel joy for fulfilling a sense of mission.

Exercising our purpose is essential. How we are going to do it is circumstantial. The professions or the forms of acting are these circumstances, but the essence - working for something greater, or caring for everyone - is finding our sense of purpose.

To find our purpose, we have to stop looking for it. It is not lost. It is just obscured.

We will not find our purpose by 'what' we do, but simply by 'who' we do it for.

3. Expect to feel fulfilled the day that you find your purpose.

Why do we want to find our purpose so much? To feel realization.

Have you ever stopped to think that the word 'realization' doesn't come from the word 'action'?

It comes from the word 'real'. It means that realization is not something to come, or a feeling we sense when something happens. It is an attitude or a state of connection with reality, with what is happening here and now.

To place our expectations of feeling realization in the future, in an achievement or in an event is to place an expectation in something that may not happen. It is like living with it in our imagination; worse than that, it is accepting that after something happens, that sense of realization will pass.

When we are connected with what is real, the feeling of realization is constant,because it is the awareness of a present fact. When we can focus on what's happening now, our availability opens. It also activates the principle of our purpose.

Letting go of the fairytale of working towards the achievement of something that we desire, we are able to connect to the present and feel realization at all times.

Presence clears the mind, our thoughts and how we function. It expands our ability to act and bring change to where we are. Projects, goals and work experiences become tools, but never the objective of realization. Any profession becomes a means of constant realization if it's practiced with a focus on being present.

Feeling professional realization happens when we use what we have been trained to do, to contribute and make a difference in somebody's life. What we can call, without any doubt, encounter with our purpose.

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