How Can Confort Design A Meaningful Routine?

Think about your day. 

Now, think about how you feel about your day. 

Routine can be considered boring, bad even. But I love them. I do! And I believe they can be comfortable, enjoyable, and nurturing for everyone willing to take a second look. It took me a while to reach this idea, though. 

After going through the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK  - before it was even in the format you can experience now -, I understood that, for some reason, routines makes my eyes shine. 

I love learning about them, understanding them. I tend to find beauty in it. 

What I understand so far thus, is that routines are inevitable, but they can be filled with habits and activities based on a feeling: a good one, an internal sense of likeness that everyone has, but tends to forget about. Using that as catapult and making people take baby steps towards looking again at their days, I can help them reset and organize their routines with that in mind.  

The framework process helped me make that vision clearer. It helped me bring out something I always nurtured inside of me - and make it more palpable. The most challenging part was - and still is - to trust what I saw in the process and deliver it as best as I can. I find that dealing with doubts about myself and the importance of what I know is the biggest barrier, one I have to face every day but hope to overtake in a not-so-far-away future. 

On the other hand, the most comforting part of the process was having someone to guide me and reassure my project along the way. Having someone to listen to my ideas made them less idealistic and more concrete. 

To develop my vision, I came up with a one-month content project for both my social media (check out my Instagram profile @desancorando) and blog ( to help people start taking their routines differently. I developed four types of planners for different routine purposes. 

After 1 month of project was done, these are the results and impacts:

  • 04 designed and published planners sheets free for download.
  • 327 downloads of the planner sheets.
  • 25% of my Instagram Stories viewers downloaded the planner’s sheets.
  • 219% increase in engagement on the night planner sheet post over my Instagram.
  • Up to 3 times more interactions than average over my Instagram.

As the first project to be accelerated and the first version prototype of a circular investment, I felt that receiving the fund made the project not only more real to me but gave me the possibility to care for it properly and create value for my audience. During the process, I had implemented routine content so I knew already it would be something they would like to receive. 

As I have always been a perfectionist when it comes to content production, I felt the project needed to have the feeling and vibe I envisioned during the process, so that people could benefit and enjoy routines in a very comforting, inspiring, and hopeful way.

It's been inspiring to learn by doing, and I already have new perspectives and ideas to keep developing this project and expanding my vision.

Get your free planner sheets by accessing:

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