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It is a process developed by Clear Purpose that helps people in the position of leadership (leaders, agents of change and entrepreneurs) to structure thoughts with a clear purpose.
Applicable to projects and enterprises that seek to generate solutions for concrete, recurring and important needs, and to generate benefits and changes for those involved in the context.

Is CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK exclusive for leaders? Who is a leader?

It is for people who want to engage and lead the development and execution of a project.

We see leadership as a behaviour, not a status. A leader is the person who ventures to undertake a project using our CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK facilitation services, within our platform. We also recognize a leader as an agent of change or an entrepreneur.

What is the Visions channel?

The Visions channel is where leaders who are in the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK process share the progress of their projects.

We believe that leadership is an essentially social experience, and trust is one of the main pillars for successful leadership, along with inclusion and transparency.

For this reason, we believe that Visions channel is fundamental to guarantee an integral and complete leadership experience in the framework process.


As a tool for organizing thoughts with a clear purpose, it works through questions and exercises structured in sections. The order of the questions and the levels help to organize and clarify thinking to achieve a vision that will bring change.

The process covers 4 levels of development in the project of a leader's vision - from intention to implementation. Each of the 4 stages has specific questions ordered at different levels of evolution:

  1. Purpose
  2. Vision
  3. Meaning
  4. Impact
How can I ask questions about the process?

You can send an email to with your question.

Is it possible to run the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK process on different themes?

It is not recommended. The CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK applies to a situation of interest, in the context where you want to undertake a solution. Therefore, it is more effective to focus on a particular situation.

However, it is not uncommon for situations to be interconnected or to overlap in the development of a project, and this is something that is considered in its development.

After I take the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK, will I have a right answer for what to do?

Clear Purpose is not responsible for evaluating or validating the accuracy of a response for a project developed within the framework of the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK.

The responses developed come from the user's knowledge. They will be validated with the interested parties, on a case-by-case basis, and under the user's responsibility.

The Framework guides thinking within 4 steps. 1- Purpose (context perception and intention with a clear purpose), 2- Vision (how to organize potentials and resources to generate a change) and two final steps that do not have the function of generate validation: 3- Meaning (test and vision sharing) and 4- Impact (application and full understanding of the final vision). These steps make it possible to structure thinking through practical learning, which increases the accuracy of a solution and the effectiveness of project management.

Does having a clear purpose automatically lead to alignment and bring people on board to help with a process?

The goal of Level 3 - Meaning is to develop the understanding for the clear communication of your project. Levels 1 and 2 (Purpose and Vision) also help, but it is the validation that will make the vision's meaning clearer. Once communication becomes clearer and more effective, the potential for engagement is greater. However, it will only occur effectively if people share the values that the vision of the project brings.

How does personal purpose relate to the organization's purpose?

A clear purpose is to visualize what someone can impact and contribute to a context. A clear purpose transcends the organization's purpose, because it does not depend on it to be exercised. It shares the same values, unifies purposes, brings alignment and is directly related to the potential results of this partnership.

Can I use the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK as a tool for a creative process that is not my own purpose?

The process that CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK offers always takes into account the purpose of working for a greater good. It can be used in any project that seeks a solution that benefits those involved in a context and that will never be disconnected from the framework structure.

In a crisis situation, when there is no time to go through the whole Purpose, Vision, Meaning and Impact process, could the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK still work?

The version available on the website works with a predefined time frame. For special situations, we suggest that you contact us for customized

What comes after the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK process?

The implementation and constant improvement of the projects developed, which depends on the commitment of our users to do them.

Leaders keep reporting their projects' progress on Visions network.

Leaders who receive acceleration agree to return the investment in new projects generated on the platform to other leaders.

What happens after people go through this process? Do they change the world?

The impact generated by the projects depends on each leader and each context. The process helps leaders in structuring the thinking of projects that generate impact, from intention to conception and implementation. However, it is the responsibility of the leaders to implement and strive for their success.

How is my personal purpose rooted in my past experiences?

It is not related, in any form. The accumulated experience becomes resources and tools to be used for the purpose of working for a greater good. Each situation to be solved is a new scenario, and the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK helps to structure thoughts to act on them with a clear purpose in the present.

Does CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK also serve to identify what is happening in a context or just to solve something that is already identified?

The Level 1 - Purpose has the function of structuring perception and is a useful step to identify what is happening in a context.


Within the platform, it can be accessed in 2 versions:

  1. (Now available) Trial version - a free sample and a brief experience to learn the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK process initial principles and each step of the process.
  2. (Available Soon) In 4 levels (1- Purpose, 2- Vision, 3- Meaning, 4- Impact) contracted progressively, and with a 4-hour facilitation each. Every level is done individually and has to be completed within 2 weeks of development, corresponding to a development phase of a leadership project. In each module, the leader progresses in his project.

If you want to choose this version before it is available on the platform, contact us at

It is necessary to register and login in both versions.

For organizations and teams, it is possible to hire CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK in other customizable versions - workshops and sprints, for example, for specific projects. Contact us at:

How do I start the 'Free Trial' module?

Click on the "START NOW" button. Register by creating your profile account within our website to start the experience.

I already have a registration, but I no longer have access to this e-mail.What should I do?

Contact us at, so we can adjust your registration.

How can I hire the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK levels?

We are still in our beta version and the modules are not available yet. When they are ready, we will notify those interested through our newsletter. Be sure to subscribe!

If you want to choose this version before it is available on the platform, contact us at:

Can I access the content of my framework offline?

This option is not available for now, but is being studied.

How does Clear Purpose use my data?

As a Visitor or User of our Services, the collect, use and share of your personal data will be subjected to our Privacy Policy, as well as its updates.

Access here our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Who moderates and publishes on the Visions channel?

As the platform is still in beta version, and the User Area is still under development, the Visions network is moderated by our administrative area. When we conclude the development, it will be completely controlled by the user.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

When you log in to the platform, just click on "I forgot my password" and follow the instructions to register a new one.