How might we redistribute power?


Drastic changes are inevitable.

There is no change without leadership.

There is no leadership without vision and there is no vision without a clear purpose.

To have a clear purpose is to get in touch with the will to serve and work for a greater good. A clear purpose is the very essence of leadership.

Given the issues we face today - such as the pandemic and the global health system crisis, the impact of digitalization, the climate change and social inequalities - major changes are inevitable. In history, they took place with visionary leaders who took the first step for everyone on a journey of commitment to the future not with glories from the past.

People who look ahead of the current thinking became leaders who brought significant contributions to humanity. These contributions started with a first step.

This happened with Martin Luther King Jr., who led a boycott on the use of public buses in a city in the United States to protest racial segregation - 9 years later, discrimination was prohibited by federal law. It also happened with Indonesian Melati Wijsen, a 12-year-old girl who created an NGO with her younger sister to end the use of plastic bags and face the problem of garbage that started to dominate the island of Bali.

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang founded the organization Venture for America to educate entrepreneurs and create jobs in cities hit by the recession in the United States. It started with 40 entrepreneurs and, six years later, in 2017, it had already reached $ 6 million in operating budget, with operations in 20 cities across the country.

At Clear Purpose, we believe that the direction of change is unity, the future of the economy is circular and leadership is a situational attitude. Like Melati Wijsen, anyone can take the first step towards a better world. And this is not restricted to activism, voluntary work or social movements; as in Yang's example, any enterprise is primarily a public utility, the same as government laws and policies.

If change and leadership are inevitable, how can we redistribute power?

At Clear Purpose, we accelerate leadership. For that, changemakers, entrepreneurs and leaders will need 3 steps: the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK process, the connection with people through Visions network and investments in implementing their visions.

Clear Purpose invests in visions that have a clear purpose and were developed with the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK.

A 4-step process that structures and simplifies thinking to achieve a vision with a clear purpose. At each stage, it uses specific questions and exercises to generate reflections that elevate the state of perception of the leader. In this state, he comes into contact with the will to serve, removes barriers to see the needs of a situation and generate new forms to think about a solution for a greater good.

The four stages of the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK are:

  1. Purpose - raising awareness of context, appreciation and contact with a clear purpose.
  2. Vision - new ideas of how to use resources and potentials for a greater good.
  3. Meaning - testing, sharing and validating the value of a vision with people.
  4. Impact - results evaluation and design of the final vision for implementation.

During this process, the leader progressively shares with the public everything he is thinking and developing. This happens through the Visions channel, a network to connect people to leaders - an essential aspect in the redistribution of power.

We believe leaders who bring significant changes are those who first develop trust with people. For us, transparency and inclusion occur, in practice, when the leader is close to his community and represents a bigger vision. A vision that benefits everyone.

It is very important that leaders and people are together in this process, from developing a vision to decision making and implementation.

Clear Purpose's Visions channel is a place for people and leaders to connect.

Leaders publish their visions through texts, images, videos and plans. People interact and engage, bringing contributions, comments and information to participate in the leader's vision development during its process.

It is a network to grow relationships and trust between people and leaders.

The use of the network naturally generates data that can become revenue and return to the community. Once the investment is made under the leader's vision, resources will enable its implementation for the benefit of people.

Revenue from potentially commercialization of data generated by Visions network will add value to the investments - which are formed, in the most part, from revenue of: 1 - the facilitation of the services offered on the platform and 2 - the projects with public and private organizations. Currently, our business plan predicts that approximately 35% of all Clear Purpose revenue will return to these investments.

The criteria for these investments will be based on the results of the interaction of people with the leaders. When the leader generates positive comments, support and trust, the potential of his investment increases. It means that the faith put by people in the leader's vision will elevate the chances of implementate it.

The investments are transparent and will be published in clear reports.

This model is new and unique, but we see it as something necessary and beneficial in the relationship we have with those who represent us: our leaders. 

For us, everyone is a  potential leader. Each of us can do something for the benefit of all, and the CLEARING PURPOSE FRAMEWORK works like a building scaffold to accelerate the building of the leader, that will be erected together with people.

We see leadership as something inevitable. But, concentration of power is not.

The development of leadership plans can be a highly social experience, where power is distributed and decisions are inclusive.

Our vision is a world where leaders and people share a clear purpose. Most of all, where everyone can take the lead for greater good.

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